Infrabaker brings color to SugarCreeks' sous vide line

Infrabaker brings color to SugarCreeks' sous vide line

SugarCreek opened its sixth plant in Cambridge City, IN in 2015.  Here the company houses one of the largest sous vide lines of the world.  By choosing to offer sous vide on a commercial scale SugarCreek follows the worldwide trend that puts sous vide in the top of food preparation methods (e.g. National Restaurant Association 2016).

Sous vide, a French term that translates as under vacuum, is a method of cooking in which food items are vacuum sealed and then placed in a water bath at a constant temperature for a longer period of time. 

This method has several advantages (The sous vide solution, SugarCreek):

- fully cooked/convenience

- perfect texture tenderness

- perfect flavor/color

- less shrink/better yields

- less ingredients/clean label

- increased shelf life

- improved nutrition

SugarCreeks' sous vide line consists of different steps: the chosen protein is seasoned/marinated as required, followed by an optional searing step to add color and texture after which it is sealed and passes through the water bath. Finally, it is quick-chilled and then refrigerated or frozen until it is ready to be served, either in a restaurant or in a consumer’s home.

At the beginning of this year the searing capacity of the sous vide line was expanded by adding an extra unit to the modular Infrabaker they have on site since the start of the line.