The Infrabaker can be used for broiling, cooking, coloring, grilling (no grill marks), searing or thawing of poultry products.  The Infrabaker can be used as the only processing step or in combination with other techniques such as microwaving, sous vide, steaming… Because there is no need for cooking oil, or steam… using the Infrabaker technology will result in a natural flavor.

One of the trends we see in the food processing industry is a growing interest in the sous vide  preparation of products.  The benefit of sous vide processing is that all nutrients are kept inside which amongst other things reduces weight loss.  Specifically interesting for poultry products is the possibility to keep the products at a target temperature so as to kill potential pathogens and improve the safety of the food without overcooking it.  On the down side sous vide processing will not add color to the product.  So you would seek to find a processing technique that adds color without jeopardizing the benefits that sous vide brings.  A direct impact processing technique, like IR technology, is the best choice to keep the exposure time to a minimum. (E. Geysen, CTO)

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19 October 2017