Prepared foods and snacks

Prepared foods and snacks

The Infrabaker can be used for broiling, cooking, coloring, grilling (no grill marks), searing or thawing of food products. The Infrabaker can be used as the only processing step or in combination with other techniques such as microwaving, sous vide, steaming… Because there is no need for cooking oil, or steam… using the Infrabaker technology will result in a natural flavor.  

Time seems to be the rarest commodity nowadays.  Everything is moving fast and convenience is the buzz word. From ready to eat (RTE) to ready to cook (RTC), when it saves us time we are interested.  Not that these terms are new but where before they were almost a synonym for unhealthy snacks and take away items the trend nowadays is to find healthier alternatives.   For this reason, one of our customers decided to prepare its meatballs (sold in a snack box for on the road) without adding cooking oil.  The fact that this way of processing means greasy fingers when snacking are a thing of the past was a nice bonus! (E. Geysen, CTO Infrabaker)

Some applications: grilling of cheese on lasagna, baking of pizza topping, sausage rolls,


19 October 2017