Fish and fish products including shellfish

Fish and fish products including shellfish

The Infrabaker can be used for broiling, cooking, coloring, deglazing, grilling (no grill marks), searing or thawing of fish products and shellfish.  The Infrabaker can be used as the only processing step or in combination with other techniques such as microwaving, sous vide, steaming… Because there is no need for cooking oil, or steam… using the Infrabaker technology will result in a natural flavor.  

One of our customers was searching for the most efficient way to crumb their frozen fish products.  Objective was to get the outside of the product moist without defrosting the product and to avoid adding anything to the product.  The traditional method of spraying the products with water was abandoned for the method of deglazing the outside of the product with the use of a Compact Infrabaker with top and bottom emitters.  Additional benefit of this Infrabaker is the fact that it is placed on wheels which means that it can be rolled into place whenever the process requires it, giving the customer the utmost flexibility. (S. Braeken, Project lead)

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03 October 2017