Meat and meat products including deli meats

Meat and meat products including deli meats

The Infrabaker can be used for broiling, cooking, coloring, grilling (no grill marks), searing or thawing of meat products. The Infrabaker can be used as the only processing step or in combination with other techniques such as microwaving, sous vide, steaming… Because there is no need for cooking oil, or steam… using the Infrabaker technology results in a natural flavor.  

We were approached with the following question: do you have a solution to color our deli sausage without heating up the whole product? Objective was to get a nice natural golden edge when the product is sliced.  The solution was found in an Infrabaker with roller conveyor, a system that transports their product through the oven while at the same time continuously rolling it. This means that no time is lost in turning the product which always poses a challenge with round(ed) products. (E. Geysen, CTO)


03 October 2017