Cooperl Arc Atlantique (Fr.) purchases Infrabaker oven

Cooperl Arc Atlantique (Fr.) purchases Infrabaker oven

Press Release - Cooperl Arc Atlantique to purchase Infrabaker oven.

Heeze/Overpelt, January 5th 2015 – Infrabaker International announces that Cooperl Arc Atlantique, the French leader in pork meat production, has purchased an Infrabaker for its production site in Lamballe. With this purchase, Infrabaker International has made her entry on the French market.

Electrical infrared technology offers this innovative and leading company a wide range of production opportunities in terms of searing and coloring different kind of pork products.

In an ever-changing production environment, where cooking methods like sous vide cooking gain more and more popularity, the infrared technology can be a perfect match.

Recent U.S. sales to prominent meat producing companies such as SugarCreek Packaging Co. (Cambridge City) confirm the value of the infrared cooking method, integrated in a sous vide cooking line.

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