No waste!

No waste!

The term "Waste" has a negative connotation which leads to great concerns in the global food Industry, where 1.6bn tons of food with an estimated value $1 trillion is reported wasted every year. No wonder more and more energy is being put in reducing or if possible eliminating this waste.

Efforts may vary from improving the date marking on products, guarding the cold chain to improve shelf life to repurposing surplus produce.[1] Waste in the food industry can obviously not be seen disconnected from the potential waste of resources in the production process.   Trying to produce food with use of the least possible resources is key in the process. The industry should be innovative to find different ways to process food in a less conservative, less resource consuming.

In general traditional ways of cooking, baking, cooling use a lot of fossil fuel.

Next to the depletion of our natural resources the use of fossil fuels leads to a high emission of environmental unfriendly carbon oxide.

Looking at fryers specifically a lot of oil or fat is used which only has a short period of usage. After which it needs to be evacuated and treated before it can be drained.

Luckily there are alternatives on the market for fossil fuel.  Using the energy which the sun delivers on a day to day basis, the power of the wind which makes our big windmills turn, or the strength of the movement of water. These free, inexhaustible, resources provide the energy which has almost no impact on our environment. For some time these sources could not be used efficiently enough, but the technology has evolved and replacing the traditional process by a new innovative process which uses only renewable resources is within our reach.

We, at Infrabaker, have found a way to use these free resources to produce the energy/ heat needed to process food.  Our innovative Infrabaker gives the food industry an opportunity to make a change in this tricky matter.

Come discover your possibilities and join the ones making a global change.

 Looking to join the battle against waste? Check out our application examples and find your product.  No similar products found?  No problem, Infrabaker Int. offers you the possibility to test your product at our production facility in Overpelt.  Fill in the contact form and we’ll make sure we have a test unit available.