Infrabaker®’s modular system comes standard in two versions: the Infrabaker SC with a flat conveyor belt and the Infrabaker RC with a roller conveyor for processing round products.

Whether you opt for a SC or RC both the width and length of the Infrabaker® can be adapted to the size of your products as well as the desired capacity. There are 3 standard widths available: an effective cooking width of 600 mm, 900 mm or 1200 mm. The length is also variable and can be extended in sections of 3 meters. If your production needs increase then one or more unit(s) of 3 meters can be added.

The Infrabaker® consists out of the following key modules:

  • Emitter modules which supply the required heat to the products. The emitter module of the RC line is adjustable in height so that the optimal distance between the emitters and the product can always be achieved. (Shortly also available on the SC line)
  • Conveyor belt with servo drive to transport the products at the required speed. The RC line has a second servo drive to rotate the products for even processing
  • Operator touch panel to control and monitor the overall cooking process
  • Housing to support the key elements adequately
  • Control cabinet and one or more IR-power cabinets to control the Infrabaker® (depending on the type of Infrabaker®)
  • Air supply filter unit(s) and exhaust fan(s).

Possible Infrabaker®options:

External device options:

Next to the modular line Infrabaker® offers a unit with a processing length of 1 meter, moveable if required (Infrabaker M). This Infrabaker M is particularly suited for a smaller production, the melting of cheese, caramelizing of sugar, color of pre-cooked products ... and is available in both a width of 600mm and 900mm.

Infrabaker International works closely with its customers to achieve the optimal solution and offers where desired 'custom' solutions. Examples are Infrabakers® with 2 conveyors, InfraBakers ® with top and bottom heaters. Furthermore, our IR solutions are not only limited to the food sector.

Contact us to find out how Infrabaker ® infrared equipment can increase your production capacity and simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint.


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