Infrabaker® uses a very efficient way of heating, infrared. Infrared will heat up the product by direct radiation into the product.

There are different types of infrared. Infrabaker® has chosen a special type which is efficient for use in the food industry. The Infrabaker® infrared system is very quick and has a high density of radiation.





The self-cleaning emitters are selected in line with the required production capacity and the conveyor belt width to be heated.

The start up time and cool down time of an emitter is mere seconds. This results in an optimal use of the Infrabaker® and excellent process control.

The emitters are powered by a control system, that regulates the emitted heat. The system controls the proper functioning of the emitters as well. The Infrabaker® will switch off automatically in case of a malfunctioning emitter, to enable the replacement with a new emitter.
Emitted energy that is not absorbed by the processed products, will be absorbed by the water basin.

Characteristics of infrared cooking include a very favourable yield and an oil free process (lower production costs, improved environmental conditions combined with healthier end-product).


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